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Friendly Craft Workshops on the Isle of Wight

From the inexperienced, to the seasoned crafter,

there is a workshop for everyone!

Gabby Ryde, Island CraftWorks Isle of Wight

Hi, I'm Gabby

Sharing my love for all things beautiful,

my aim is to teach you

 Boho-Inspired Crafts that you will love forever. 


Boho Craft is about incorporating natural elements to

create beautiful home decor, gifts, decorations and more. 

My mission is to encourage others to discover

hidden treasures and creativity within themselves.

My workshops focus on cultivating positive well-being and creating a sense of community and belonging.

Offering Private & Weekly Craft Sessions for all, unlocking creativity in everyone! 

Whether you are looking for a new hobby, wish to create fun memories with loved ones, or enjoy a bonding experience with your colleagues & friends, Island CraftWorks has you covered!

Ready to try something new this weekend?!

Discover a new craft every week at our Boho Saturday Craft Series.

Ideal for absolute beginners, seasoned crafters and children 8+*.

Private Sessions, & Other Weekly Workshops

are suitable for younger children*.

To find out more, please email:


All materials are included, EVERYONE is welcome,

and you even get homemade cake!

Creativity is for Everyone!

Choose Island CraftWorks for your next special event.

Not sure where to start?!

Let's get you Inspired!

Browse our Boho-Inspired Crafts and get in touch to book a Private Session.

Inspired by Nature,
we have something for everyone.

Browse our Boho-Inspired Crafts 

What else is on you ask?